The Next Generation of the
Microsoft Project

The Project Accelerator is a Project Portfolio Management app based on Project for the web and the Microsoft Power Platform that will innovate your project portfolio management capabilities.

Set the right

on every Project!

Plan and track the performance of any project, program or portfolio with the Microsoft Project Accelerator.

Plan, control and coordinate projects and portfolios in one centralized hub in the cloud, from anywhere, by using tools such as dashboards, charts, reports and schedules.

Build collaborative environments for business units and functional areas to keep track of every instance to achieve high level goals in your organization.

Increase accountability across your organization and provide a high-level companywide guidance by aligning to Objectives and key results.

Manage project resources with an easy-to-use solution that allows you to handle a large volume of projects.

The Power Platform allows you to have several Data verses (data stores) in the same tenant as you need so that each business unit can have its own space to work and detailed performance reports.

The Next Gen Project Accelerator provides you
with a solution to manage your entire set of
projects, portfolios, resources and their
alignment to strategic goals.

You can detect challenges and opportunities
quickly to then start working on solutions faster.

Identify challenges and opportunities
quickly to accelerate delivery.

New & Extended

The Next Generation Project Accelerator includes important upgrades to the original Project Accelerator. It provides a complete set of capabilities to enable an organization in a collaborative environment for data driven decisions aligned to all projects, programs and portfolios.

New Feature
Upgraded feature
My workplace

This is a personalized brief report for every team member that contains all tasks assigned to them.


A space designed for your team members to approach challenges, suggest new ideas or request innovative solutions within any current project.
Requests can then be converted to Projects through out of the box workflows.


This capability allows you to define your strategic goals based on the Objectives and Key results (OKR’S) framework.
You can define your milestones within a collaborative environment and track their progress and outcomes.

Project Management

Define your projects, programs and portfolios in a nested hierarchy. Plan and track your Projects’ dates, status, and efforts as well as all the information related to your programs, such as their overall health, status (on track, at risk and in trouble).
Portfolio attributes such as portfolio types, priority portfolio goals, and state among others are included in the solution.


View a summary list of all types of resources (people, material, equipment) available to be assigned on Projects.

Define resource reservations for team members on Projects through a request and approval process by a Project Manager and a Resource Owner.

View reporting in Power BI that compares the Resource Plans (reservations) against the Resource Assignments made in Project Plans in Project for the web.


Power BI reports for the Next Gen Accelerator are a core part of the solution that provide visualizations of all of the data within the solution.
Specific reports are available for Requests, Strategy, Portfolios, Projects, Resources and Tasks.


Project level planning and tracking of risks, issues and change requests is done by any team member in the organization.
Other artifacts such as Assumptions, Decisions and Dependencies can also be created.


View summary costs for all projects is provided in this area.
Costs are also tracked in the Project record solution to keep track of cost and expenses. Get powerful financial reports to make better decisions.

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